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We relocated.....

We're now located at 1566 Highway 50 in O'Fallon, Illinois.
(Between Walmart and Pet Smart in the Lincoln Crossing Shopping Center)

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Important announcements!

Results: 8th World Shitoryu Karate Championship
October 17-22, Monterrey, Mexico

By Country: (1) Mexico, (2) Japan, (3) USA
USA Karate Club Athletes:
Randy James - Bronze Men's -75kg / 5th Rd Kata
Junior Team Players
Mackenzy Fields - Bronze Women's 16-17 Advanced Kumite
Gabe Hall
Nico Perry
Thoren Bedard
Daniel Mortenson
Xochitl Marquez

Congratulations 2016 USA Karate National Championship Medalists
Press Release
Randy James - Silver, (18-20) Male Elite Kata, Bronze, (18-20) Male Elite Kumite (-84kg)
Gabriel Hall - Bronze, (16-17) Male Elite Kumite (+84kg)
Elyse Bedard - Silver (16-17) Female Advanced Team Kumite
Mackenzy Fields - Silver (16-17) Female Advanced Team Kumite

Congratulations 2015 WSKF Pan-American Medalists
Randy James - Bronze Male Advanced Kata (16-34)
Mackenzy Fields - Gold Female Advanced Kumite (15/16)
Bella Medley - Bronze Female Advanced Kumite (13/14)
Nick Fetters - Silver Male Intermediate Kumite (11/12)
Emma Fetters - 2 Bronze Female Intermediate Kata/Kumite (9/10)
Gabe Hall - Bronze Male Advanced Kumite (16/17)
Elijah Hahl - Bronze Male Beginner Kumite (11/12)
Timothy Potts - Gold Male Beginner Kumite (5/6)
Thoren Bedard - Bronze Male Advanc3d Kumite (12/13)

Congratulations to 2015 Jr. International and U.S. Open Bronze Medallists:
Randy James - North American Cup (Adult Elite Kata)
Gabriel Hall - U.S. Open (14/15 Elite Kumite +70 kg)
Mackenzy Fields - Jr. International (14/15 Advanced Kumite)